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    What materials do you need to prepare for the legal operation of the game type website?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. (1) "Application Form for the Establishment of the Establishment of an Internet Cultural Unit" (with an official seal) (1 original)
      (2) A copy of the copy of the business license of the enterprise (including "engaged in" Internet cultural activities "within the business scope) (plus Grand Seal) (1 copy)
      (3) corporate articles of association; (stamped with the official seal) (original 1)
      (4) The equity structure tree -shaped diagram, tracing back to the natural person and submitting all the equity of the company's equity Capital composition does not contain a promise of foreign capital components; (stamped with the official seal) (1 original)
      (5) the identity certificate of the legal representative; (with the official seal) (1 copy)
      (6) Business development instructions: According to the analysis of the operation of the business items to be applied, the following content should be included: ① the company's profile; Including the introduction of the screenshot of the website and the overall operation of the application project, and then describe the business development of each application project for details; ③ profit model analysis; ④ the company's development strategy and the main strategies and specific measures to carry out network cultural work, from The content, technology, and management are specifically explained; ⑤ The self -examination management system and measures of the content of the network cultural product content (the content review work department and personnel, review responsibilities, review standards, review procedures, and problematic cultural product treatment methods should be clarified ) (Applying for online game virtual currency issuance enterprises, it should include the form of online games virtual currency (clarify the name and role of online games virtual currency; virtual currency cannot be consistent with the name of the game (prop); clarify the payment method of the application unit.) (The virtual currency issued by the application unit is limited to the online game products and services operated by the company's self -examination.) The purchase price of the unit (clarify the basic redemption ratio of virtual currency to the renminbi; clarify the unit of virtual currency.) Methods (if an enterprise terminates the transfer of online game operation or operation rights, it shall be announced 60 days in advance, and the relevant system regulations of the refund method shall be announced.) The user purchase method (the application unit shall state all the ways to buy the virtual currency issued by its issuance of its issuance. ; Do not use virtual currencies issued by non -home units as recharge methods.) User rights protection measures (should describe the specific methods of user transaction disputes, handling processes, etc.) Technical security guarantee measures (website security guarantee measures; information security and confidentiality management system ; User information security management system, etc.) The application for online game virtual currency trading enterprises shall include the trading service model (the business model of the trading platform, which should It is a virtual currency of online games, not just virtual props or other items in online games); user purchase methods (should clearly describe the complete process of buying virtual currencies on the trading platform.); User guarantee measures (preventing malicious fraud behaviors from malicious fraud behavior Guarantee measures; specific methods and processing processes of user transaction disputes.); User account and real -name bank account binding (detailed steps and effective measures to verify user identity. ); Technical Security Guarantee measures (website security guarantee measures; information security and confidentiality management system; user information security management system.) For units engaged in chess and card online game operations, the rules of each chess and card game should be described in detail in the business development report ( There must be no gambling form determined by the public security organs; there must be no prizes other than the non -company's products; no commissions related to or losing the game in disguise; When providing game points transactions and redeeming cash; if you operate in the form of competitions, you should explain the competition mode and rules in detail in the business development report. The application for the performance of the performance (section) should provide the approval article issued by the cultural department. The notice of online game operations to strengthen supervision work and post -event and post -event "and the Ministry of Culture's notice on the" Administrative Measures for the Administration of Online Performance Operation Activities ", do not have online performance operation units with content self -examination and real -time supervision capabilities, and shall not open the performance channel. Performance operating units shall ask the performers to use a valid ID to register with the real -name documents. No regulatory measures or online performance products that have not been taken by supervision measures or have not passed the content self -examination shall not be provided to the public. Game products that are displayed or commentary on online game techniques shall obtain cultural administrative administrative administrative The department content review approval number or filing number. Online game operations enterprises shall limit the amount of word recharge of online game users in a single game. Stable with the official seal.) (Original 1)
      (7) website domain name registration certificate Copy files; (stamped with official seal) (1 copy)
      (8) illegal representatives come to handle, please download and submit to the entrusted authorization letter and the representative ID card for copy. (Stable with the official seal) (1 original)
      (9) Other documents that need to be submitted according to law. (Stamped with the official seal) (1 copy)

    2. Gaming websites need to prepare the following materials:
      1, copy of the business license
      2, legal person and shareholder ID card
      3, company articles of association (required the latest, the industrial and commercial bureau stamped the archive query seal)
      4, 8 computer -related personnel graduation certificates, ID cards
      5, company personnel ID card, and personnel's mobile phone, mailbox n6, company landline, legal person phone, mailbox n7, website domain name name Certificate (purchased in the name of the company)
      8, some provinces need 1-3 network security officers

    3. Conditions for applying for the qualification license of the text network:
      . The name of the unit, the residence, the organization, and the articles of association; Eight business managers and technical personnel who need to be qualified for the activity and obtain the corresponding job qualifications;
      . The equipment, workplace and corresponding business management technical measures needed to meet the needs of Internet cultural activities;
      . Registered funds below 1 million yuan, of which applying for online game business activities shall have a registered capital of not less than 10 million yuan;

      The information submitted by the application for the text network qualification license:
      . Application form (see the recommendation below the article for details);
      . The company name is approved in advance or business license and articles of association; R n. The qualification certification and identity document of the legal representative, the main person in charge and the main business manager and the technical personnel of the industry;
      . (See the recommendation below the article for details);
      7. Other documents that need to be submitted according to law.

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