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    What is the highest level of Wuzi Chess?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Wuzi Chess is one of the National Intellectual Games Athletic Projects. It is a pure strategic chess game for two people.
      The five -son chess has two ways to play. How to play 1: The two sides use black and white pawns respectively, and at the intersection of the straight line and horizontal line of the chessboard, the five -child connection is formed to win. How to play 2: If you form a five -child connection, replace any chess pieces of the opponent. The replaced chess pieces can exchange chess pieces with the opponent. Finally, the party who finished all the chess pieces first won. The highest section system is nine sections. Duanhe level is the basic unit of the five -son chess section level.
      The levels are divided into nine levels, and the highest is nine paragraphs. The following are eight, seven, six, fifth, fourth, fourth, three, two, and first sections. The following levels are divided into ten levels, the highest level is the first level, and the following are the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, sixth level, level 8, ninth, and tenth level.
      Playing games is generally to relax ourselves. Wuzi Chess is a chess and card game that we often play when we were young. This game allows our brain to exercise. Children should start learning from a young age. of.
      The highest level of the five -child chess is nine paragraphs. When the next five -son chess, you must have a certain skill. You must concentrate your attention to prevent the opponent from taking the opportunity to disturb his thinking. The five -son chess is just to win as long as five pieces of pieces are in a row, but although it looks simple, it is particularly difficult to play.
      This to play the five -son chess is to always block the other party. The number of the next five -son chess is always restraining each other.
      If the black side first, the core of the black offensive is to ensure that you will have the next company after three, otherwise you need to consider setting up the four -three position or blocking the two sons of the white side; In turn, Bai Fang must try his best to stop Hei Fang, forcing Hei to get the opportunity to get the next time after three.
      In fact, Wuzi Chess is still very fun. If you have time, you can learn it. Each game has its own skills, not necessarily that you do n’t play, that is, the IQ is not good. Only when you play, you will find the mystery.

    2. The highest position is 9 sections, but it is difficult to advance to the highest level under normal circumstances. We can only go through professional competitions and worldwide competitions. It is a title that is difficult to get.

    3. With strong practical ability and rich theoretical experience, have deep research on the five -handed and two -dos, each start of each start, and superb computing ability. At least have published a starting academic work and a good foreign language translation Ability, participated in the national competition B of the relevant management department, won the top three in Group B in Group B of the relevant management department.

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