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    Want to find a stand -alone version ........


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    1. There are 100 in total, choose the suitable.

      1. Chinese chess master 1.0

      "New version function: simple interface, support for human and machine battle, unlimited regret chess, restor , Time -time functions, self -set up,

      3. Chinese chess war v2.05

      Double play, the computer is divided into 4

      4. Sirius Chinese chess v1.25

      (LAN and INT

      5. Chess war v1.075


      6. soft/9997

      7. Chess battle 1.075

      A good chess game, programming, standard Window game interface, exquisite picture, support for human machines
      /n/n/n/n/n/n/n/n/n/n/n/n/n soft/11375

      12. Chess tyrant-Chinese chess assistant v1.5

      R n/soft/21008

      13. Chess battle 1.075

      n14. Chinese chess GZPOWER Chess v2.0

      This software is a Chinese chess software with exquisite interface and rich functions. Support
      15 The latest free version of chess staff 1.1

      1, the system compatibility is strong, you can run
      n25. 1.0

      This power is strong, there is a perfect score -free player game function

      26. nThis III is currently the highest chess power in similar chess games! Most of the

      27. N15 games, including Volkswagen Mahjong, Poor and Mahjong, Arch Pig, tractor, landlord, shuttle, chess, Chinese chess, five

      30. Shredder classic 1.2

      This is a world ranking. The professional computer international chess game of the eighth World Computer International Chess Player Soft

      32. nNessing network chess professional website-Yitian Chess Fate Latest Client 1.42 Edition Gatings

      33. Chinese chess 0.98
      n two people via the network to pairs through the network pair The Chinese chess can be used as long as the opponent's IP address. The program is only 181k, small and easy to use

      35. Chess war v1.074
      n n n
      A good chess game, using programming, standard Window game interface. The screen is exquisite, supporting people
      download.21cn/list.php? ID = 7287

      36. The same machine battle, chess record research, human machine battle

      37. The chess piece is exquisite and the interface is realistic. It is a good tool for learning chess.

      40. Mine (international chess game) 0.99

      is a chess game that can play with human -machine games, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high, the level is not high , Mainly I hope to communicate with everyone,
      /list.php? ID = 34443

      42. Chess Bridge v2.1

      Chinese chess score software, support LAN

      43. Chinese chess (online version) 1.0

      , Chat online

      50. software. The majority of chess fans

      51. Find a suitable for

      52. Chess soft

      53. Chinese chess chess record management software v3.0

      function: 1. Add chess browser, see the online chess records online Click

      54. Chinese chess II Built 980124
      n "Arctic Star Software OpenWorld Series" must be in LSChat! Based on

      55. Chess 3d 1.44
      n beautiful 3D three -dimensional international chess. If you like chess, then you must download
      /list.php? ID = 33319

      57. Sirius Chinese chess v1.25

      Essence The software can conduct network battle (LAN and Internet). Human -machine battle and same -machine battle
      download.21cn/list.php? ID = 33318

      58. Strong chess score editing and computer game software, and have the following three original features: (1) Provide the game engine
      /list.php? ID = 37832

      60. MINE) V0.99

      is a chess game that can play with the human -computer game with the level of the two people, the level is not

      61. Standard version)

      This is a standard game of chess. The difficulty of the game can be adjusted by itself, which can be used to fight and play with man -machine. National
      download.21cn/list.php? ID = 19433

      62. Classic 7.138

      A world champion -level chess program. Against 40 types of game levels from beginners to expert level: level 10 "Easy",

      65. R n Software about Chinese chess (now called "Chess"). The majority of chess fans and netizens can use xqs
      download.21cn/list.php? ID = 745

      66. Shi Fengzi Kai is known as "Twelve Brain Brain", which is "super flat toy, stubborn with chess and Go". Chess 1.3.3

      The international chess game of three levels. Support networks, including LAN and WAN.

      74. Chinese chess chess records

      Clatium to add chess browser, you can see the online chess records on the Internet. Demonstrate directly! Support the chess studio
      download.21cn/list.php? ID = 19579

      75. ndownload.pchome/game/chess/18063

      76. Class game

      77. Jgame 2.06 for win95, win98, win xp
      n⊙jgame currently is Jgamev2.0.6 version. Including Go, chess, Wuzi chess, chess, land battle, four kingdoms

      80. SICQ Chinese chess plug -in 1.1

      sicq Chinese chess plug -in r ndownload.pchome/Internet // Message/1869

      81. Zillions of Games v1.2.3p
      n is a collection of all chessboard games. Including black and white chess, chess, Chinese chess, GO

      82. Fight on the Internet! Battle in the same machine! Chess records! Human -machine battle: strong intelligence. There is entry
      download.21cn/list.php? ID = 27122

      83. Zhongcai online chess 1.0

      There are relics, so you can make up for the sky alone. "The heavy cultural heritage, historical culture,
      /list.php? ID = 28726

      85. XQMJ -Pocket Chess Mahjong 1.6
      n n n n n n
      The gameplay of chess mahjong is similar to mahjong. It is played with chess chess pieces. Because there are only 32 chess pieces, the rules are hemp
      /list.php? ID = 30244
      n89 . Decisive chess Mahjong v1.0

      It, as the name suggests, this game is the rule of mahjong but played with chess, because

      90. 1.0

      It, as the name suggests, this game is the rule of mahjong but played with chess. Because chess chess is not as many as mahjong,
      /list.php? ID = 34356
      n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n96. Chess (double play) 1.0

      The type of game is FLASH type, double play, not human -machine game, you can use the browser to find, with time, counting function
      /soft /17549

      99. Mine (chess game) v0.99

      is an international chess game. The two can play with human -machine games, and the level is not high. Mainly I hope to make more
      download.21cn/list.php? ID = 33928

      100. N super -functional chess record editing and computer game software, and have the following three independent

    2. Small and exquisite Chinese chess software. Only 132KB, belongs to green free software, does not modify the registry. This small software is a stand -alone version, which can be played without networking.

      The good chess game, using programming, standard Window game interface, exquisite screen, supporting human -machine battle, double battle. Want to get higher with it? Hurry up and try! The new 1.07 version has made significant adjustments to the computer's chess power, greatly increased the chess power and improved the speed of thinking, and strengthened the confrontation of human -machine battle. And add the "game settings" function. Users can modify the relevant settings/soft/7082
      n nThis Chinese chess changes in many ends, endless fun, very fun, it has been circulating for more than a thousand years Excellent game is one of the essence of our Chinese culture.

      The software interface is friendly and simple operation. The computer is divided into four levels: "getting started", "primary", "intermediate", and "advanced". You can play human -machine games and double games. You can regret chess, read the chess records, and save the game. You can use different levels of difficulty, try different challenges, and enjoy more fun. The game can be a primary chess teacher for chess lovers.

      is a chess game on Pocketpc, so that friends who love chess will never worry about finding chess after having Pocketpc, making PocketPC shook into it into it. Your best chess friend.

      should be enough to play?

    3. Naturally, it is a "chess soldier" ... ... This software has become a powerful assistant for many professional chess players to disassemble chess and study new tricks. In many high -level online chess games today, the heroes ..., download address:


      The trial of this son, now saying:

      files-new construction is start, red and black two, red and black The role of a computer is to specify the computer with red or or or, if two points are the computer performance, I watch.
      In engine-horizontal-each step search time value is generally 2-5, which represents the time of computer thinking. If you hook it on one step, each step will show the next step of the other party.

      E each move to the right will display the corresponding chess terminology. In addition, there is a network against the combat function. There is no further test. Please see the help document or go to the official forum for help.

    4. Chu and Han Qi 1.46 Pure Green Edition

      This download

      n Software language: Simplified Chinese
      Software: 1500kb
      Software category: Domestic software/free version/chess and card game

      Main features: Chinese chessman machine battle! Fight on the Internet! Battle in the same machine! Chess records!

      The wind and clouds,
      Weiga returned to his hometown in the country,
      Chu Bawang Xiang Yu continued to staged Chu and Han fighting on the small square inch of chess and chessboard ....

      Plores to fight: strong intelligence! There are entry, junior, middle, senior, and free -level choices, which can be played in sections. The red and black side can be exchanged at any time when the human -machine players!
      The fierce player: The two -person machine alternately checked, it is a good place to study chess records , Human -machine battle and same -machine battle can be exchanged at any time!
      The network battle: You can fight on the LAN and Internet. It has the functions of watching and chatting. It is a good tool for learning with chess friends!
      Chess records: There are more than 2,000 classic chess records that have been systematically built, including: "Orange Secret", "The Encyclopedia of the Patriarch", "Meihua Spring", "Modern Layout Essentials", " 13 cheats such as the Central Bureau of Killing Law, "Pacity and Elegant" and "Rotten Ko"; and realize the real "test by yourself", where you do not understand in the chess records, you can practice with computer at any time. It will definitely benefit the improvement of your chess skills! In addition, during the battle, there are functions such as giving, regret chess, preservation, sequel, swing, switching, sound, sound, chess trajectory display, flashing prompts, and medium/complex font support!

    5. I will introduce you to a chess game that is absolutely difficult, named "Chess Yin"
      The address is/soft/1273
      Rewesty virus

      It, how difficult it is
      The computer is divided into 10 difficulty levels. My dormitory and the good people under the nearby bedroom chess have tried all. No one can pass the 4th computer, the highest level 10
      The third place in the competition, the fifth level has been tens of sets, one has not won, and the crushed is very miserable. Basically, it solves
      . My dad is an absolute chess master. Often Go to the street to discuss with many people. For more than 10 hours a day, I often go online and off the Internet now

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