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    The game logic behind WeChat "jump"


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. At the end of 2017, WeChat brought you a New Year surprise.

      On December 28, WeChat announced that the applet has added new categories: mini games, and at the same time, the mini -game "jump". And some functions of the applet are optimized.

      In I wonder if you have been "jumped" recently to explode the circle of friends?

      We we do not mention the optimization for the time being, focusing on analyzing the things behind "mini games".

      has played for so many days, I do n’t know if you found some special small cubes?

      433 days

      is actually the time of WeChat from 0 to the number of users exceeding 100 million, a total of 433 days.

      The red envelope

      represents the red envelope function updated in 2014.

      Xu Jishuo

      Xu Jishi is a chain convenience store in Guangdong. Shiduo is actually the translation of English Store (shop). Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong quietly incorporated its own local elements into the game.

      The small details from the basic composition elements of these games can be seen that Tencent does something unique. But we open up our thinking mode up and understand what is the significance of WeChat's "game applet"?

      old Lin has some ideas, want to say!

      WeChat's earliest layout of mini -games, in fact, can be traced back to the release of WeChat 5.0 in 2013. At that time, Tencent released the first mini -game "Airplane War"

      It, I do n’t know how many friends have remembered it, this is the rage of mini -games.

      In September 2014, HTML5 technology was released, and in 2013, Tencent released such a small program. Personal guessing is actually testing the HTML5 framework structure and planning for the future.

      . From now on, H5's technology has indeed developed vigorously. I have to admire the big companies, the forward -looking and technical reserves of technology.

      After the mini -game came to an end, Tencent did not give up the pace of setting the game inside WeChat. After the end of the mini -game, the "game" section turned into the entrance of the entire WeChat game platform. Become the entrance platform of its mobile game. At present, it has also achieved good results.

      In January 11, 2016: The application number is first, the development tool release

      December 17, 2016: Announced the official launch of the applets before the Spring Festival

      The applet has been more than a year now. Where the release, people did not see the "point" of the applet, and they were all exploring. The initial promotion received a certain degree of obstacles.

      But after a year of fermentation, the applet iterates multiple versions, supports a richer mode and interface, and uses online and offline as a breakthrough point. Number, WeChat mass push method. There was another new momentum in the second half of 2017.

      and WeChat, it also continues to deploy the H5 platform in these years. I hope that the huge traffic of the WeChat platform can do more.

      until this update WeChat game!

      The previous article "H5 game -the power that cannot be ignored!" also explains my personal optimistic about H5 games. Just lack a good platform.

      . Before that, there was a explosive H5 mini game that had swept the circle of friends. I don't know how many people remember the short explosive product of "Siege Nervous Cat"?

      This can be said to be a very successful explosive leisure game. It has also exploded the circle of friends, and this also verifies the potential of WeChat H5 games from the side.

      Chat WeChat for more than this year, the promotion of the applet is not ideal. It is urgent to break the current deadlock and form a explosive situation. The game is exactly in line with this feature.

      Tence has a strong game promotion and research and development capabilities. It can be seen from the glory of the king to the present.

      It more than a year of preparation, the launch of the small game platform is logical.

      . The WeChat mini -game updated this time can be improved by two aspects to improve the convenience of small programs

      2. Click on WeChat search, enter "mini game", There will be information related to mini games.

      The WeChat mini -game currently has 15, mainly divided into three categories: chess cards, competition and leisure:

      The personal speculation, perhaps these reasons:

      1. For applets, a iconic product requires a guidance to merchants and individuals. Users are easy to accept this product form and form a communication effect;

      2. The interactive gameplay of applets and groups fully depicts:

      "jumping" failure, A page will pop up to tell you the result. The page includes: the highest historical score and ranking. Of course, you can also choose to "play another game".

      This on the upper right corner of the picture above. After closing, the current ranking will appear. Click "View All Rankings", and there will be a ranking of friends who are currently involved in this mini -game. Click "View Group Ranking", you can share it in the group. After clicking, the specific situation of the group ranking appears;

      3. Playing chicken blood for professional developers, let everyone feel the official determination, Just like the "airplane" game, it brought about the outbreak of the game.

      4. The applet needs to update the support of the game, and it also clearly describes the changing scene and method of the applet.

      The mini -game is just updated, and many people and companies are still exploring. So in the end, several issues we need to think about are:

      1, what type of mini -game is suitable for WeChat play?

      2. The introduction of the game, how to attract traffic and realization?

      3. What can the game bring to a big brand with the existing public account system?

      above is a problem for friends, especially game practitioners. If you have any good ideas, you can reply to communication. Waiting for you ~!

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