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    The five departments intend to stipulate that the script is not provided to minors except for holidays. Do you support it?


    Sep 22, 2022
    4 thoughts on “The five departments intend to stipulate that the script is not provided to minors except for holidays. Do you support it?”
    1. According to the experience of playing dozens of script kills in more than a year, in fact, the proportion of minors participating in script killing is the same as playing Tencent games. At least I have encountered a few minors. The impact on the script killing industry can also refer to the impact on Tencent after the introduction of minor game restrictions. It will not be too great, and it is only possible to play on the working day according to this regulation. The script kills, and the parents will definitely not let. But in the future, it is probably not only the itinerary and health code that you need to present in the script killing shop. It is estimated that there are ID cards, which is more "laughing."

      The description of this problem description has a significant impact on the script killing industry, which is the record system for the script.
      Ificultation of the comments draft plans to stipulate that script entertainment operating units shall, from the date of operation of 30 natural days, the address of the script script, author, profile, and age range of the script script used in the place use The technical supervision and service platform reports to the county -level cultural and tourism administrative department where the operating place is located. The script entertainment operation unit should adhere to the correct orientation, establish a self -examination system to ensure that the content is legal.
      This filing system directly affects the output and circulation of the script. For the record of the script, you can refer to the "version number" of the game. If you are strictly stuck, I am afraid that many of our players will see what you like to see and enjoy it. It's hard to see. In fact, many professional and conscience stores will remove the rude "filtering" when choosing the exhibition, but if the relevant departments will pay close attention to the filing, it will definitely be "overkill."
      But there is one of the cases. Even if the script killing policies and approval methods have not been introduced now, in the current epidemic situation, the script killing industry can be considered a difficult step.
      First of all, the script killing shop is regarded as a board game shop and chess room in most urban epidemic prevention policies. Once the epidemic broke out, the theater may only specify that the number of viewers cannot exceed 75%or 50%, but the script kills The store is to close the door directly. For example, if the epidemic continues for two or three months, how many script kills shops will close the door;
      Secondly, the current script kills and purchase and purchase mostly They all rely on exhibitions under the line of major cities. The representatives of script killing shops across the country and hairstyles and writers gathered together. Everyone first measured the book experience and then the bidding. Not to mention such a large -scale exhibition. I do n’t know if the current script release and grabbing are increasingly biased towards the online, but whether it is an online book test or an app, it is worse than the absence of the book. mean.
      So for the script killing industry, the spread of the epidemic and the tightening of policies is actually not the problem of "irregular standards", but the problem of the "critical autumn" of the entire industry. Of course, the departments that have been introduced are considered the physical and mental health of minors, so they will not care about the future development of the industry.

    2. I specially support it. I feel that the script kills does not have any benefits for minors. It will make them distracted and make them develop a playful personality.

    3. I support this decision very much, and the implementation of this decision can effectively ensure the safety of minors. Even if they are no longer addicted to this game, they will develop well for their physical and mental.

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