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    Ten models, very delicate 3A -level game masterpieces


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. There are many types of games in the current masterpieces, and various types of dazzling. In fact, in the game, there will be inferiority and high quality, but there are not many real high -quality masterpieces. It can make high -quality masterpieces. In this issue, it is recommended for the majority of game lovers. The 10 conscience games are basically art.

      It is a movie interactive game. The overall process is performed in CG movies, and the game's screen is very good, and the scenes and modeling are very realistic in all aspects. The plot of this game is very exciting. It is divided into three stories lines, which allows players to intervene in an interlinked experience, namely the story of the alarm, the story of the female nanny leading the girl to escape, and the revolutionary story of the bionic man. At the same time as the story, I also added a variety of atmospheric background music. After the whole process, it was like watching a rich plot movie, and the menu of the game was very user -friendly. There was a beautiful woman on the cover. Player dialogue, this game is recommended, it is a very conscience game.

      This is a third -person role -playing game that focuses on dark magic fantasy themes and developed worlds. This work is very popular with players. It has been released for five years. It is still listed as one of the popular stand -alone games. This game is full of charm, the scenery inside is beautiful, the plot story is very good, and the most praise The characters in it are very characteristic, especially female characters. Each is a goddess level. Each has its own personality and characteristics. It is called "Quinte" no matter where you go to the game, you can play. It is a very delicate "art -level" game masterpiece.

      It is an exclusive game of a PS4 host. The theme of this work is the theme of the ending background. The gameplay uses a third -person shooting and stealth. The plot of the game is the most important. Specifically, an uncle and a little girl survive in the end. It is precisely because of this little girl that the whole plot is full of color. The girl is named Ali. In the game, she has virus immunity and will not be infected. Studies, but throughout the long journey, she encountered various dangers and experienced sourness and bitterness. Eri was hone to a mature legendary role, that is, her, making the game full of color and popularity.

      The third -person shooting game with an open world and science fiction style. This work is a famous game producer. Kojima Hoshima personally participated in the design. Faithful players should know that the game of Kojima is almost not bad. The plot of this game comes with a sense of mystery. If you want to understand the plot, you will make you brain burn. In this game, there is also a legendary character, "silence". She is a female sniper transformed by biochemical technology. Players generally call her "quiet". There are also charming temperaments and styles, but there are almost no lines. She is a female tough guy with a few people. The game is also because she is welcomed by a large number of players, and the gameplay and optimization of the game are also in place.

      It this game does not need to say more. It is currently popular all over the world. A classic masterpiece of seven years ago, there are new players so far, and continuously enter the game. Now, it is the most attractive is the line. On the previous mode, the number of players is very high, and the content inside is very rich. New activities will be launched every week. Every three to four months, there will be a major update, add some attractive new content, etc. This game has now exceeded the record, but to be honest, this game is really attractive.

      The first -person photo shooting game with World War II theme. When you see the name, you will know that it is the fourteenth work of the "Call of Duty" series. Since the fifth generation, it has been back to the game of World War II again since the fifth generation. The quality of this work is excellent, and the details in all aspects are very real. The atmosphere of the battlefield is compared with the previous works. The movie blockbuster is very shocking. If it runs in a resolution environment of 4K or 8K, it can be appreciated as an electricity.

      This is a third -person action adventure game that focuses on the western style. This work and "Grand Theft Auto 5" are a work. But it cannot surpass the former, because the age of this game was set in the late 19th century. At that time, the only and most common transportation at that time was horses. There were no modern cities like the former, and cars were everywhere. However, the picture of this game is good, the authenticity is higher, and the physical details are more level. Various scenes and characters are more natural. Games, so that there is no contrast, so it will be a very good work.

      It is a vehicle racing game using an open world. This work was the first exclusive game of Xbox, and then exclusively on the Win10 system. The most attractive part of it is the kind of real picture quality and physical engine. It is really better to experience games in this ultra -high real environment. The game also has a high degree of freedom. The overall is carried out in this huge open world. It can be freely explored, you can choose to race, and you can often see live players on the road. Racing, etc., there are types of vehicles, almost hundreds of them. This game is very popular with players.

      The role -playing game that focuses on dark magic theme and open world. At present, this work is completely a classic masterpiece. Among them, it is rich in content and uniquely experienced. It feels like a lot of play, but it is an old game of nine years ago. It has been backward, but now, the MOD of this game is very developed, which can improve the modeling, stickers, scenes, and even picture quality of various games. You can bring this old game to the ranks of super masterpieces. Essence

      The action puzzle adventure game with the first -person horror style. This work is the seventh -generation orthodox work of "Biochemical Crisis". This time, it is completely a new style to meet with players. First of all, it uses the latest RE engine to present the entire game into a highly simulated world. Then, it uses the unprecedented first -person style of this series. In this atmosphere, experiencing horror will have a better effect. Another One reason is to prepare for VR devices. The horror elements of the game also changed the style. This time, there is no regular, and the player is also in a passive state. The terrible atmosphere is very crazy. The overall style of the game is no longer like traditional works. There are no protagonists in the past, and there are no longer zombies and classic enemies. In short, it is more like the game of "Escape".

      It the above 10 game content in this issue, if there are different ideas, welcome to point out in the comments that more game content is updated daily, so stay tuned!

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