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    Seeking Ninja Turtle 2 Passing Cheats


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    1. Stage0-1
      Experience: The first level is the teaching level. After being familiar with the operation, you can move forward. There are only 2 types of enemies. The black people and mechanical dogs will be careful. There are a lot of jumping places in this level. Note that the place where you need to jump to the highest point is to jump to the highest point in the direction, otherwise it is easy to jump out. Follow the prompt to come to the last fast area to destroy the enemy. (There are many enemies)
      boss: There is no
      ============================ =================
      The experience: This level is short, and the two areas are over all the way. Essence Essence
      BOSS: BOSS is a macho, a typical simple head role, it is enough to deal with him as long as he played for one round, but his floor is not defensive. No problem. HP is not enough to get boxes nearby. (There is a branch at the end of this level)
      ================================ ==========
      Experience: The scene of this level has become a cave, and the difficulty is naturally improved a lot, and it is very particular about jumping. The infrared rays here need to step on the plaid on the ground, and the grid needs to be jump to complete. There will be hindrance to appear later. It doesn't matter if it falls, it is just damaging HP. The enemies here are brand new, with dinosaurs and food flowers. Dinosaurs' attacks will make you dizzy, and the attack power is also high. You must break one by one. Be careful of some stone pillars to fall in the last place. Here you can choose to go directly, but it is recommended to step on it before you can get a fast attack state prop, but many dinosaurs will appear after taking it. Essence Essence
      boss: There are 2 bosses in this level. First, the red is destroyed. Note that the things it spit cannot be defensive, and it will also make you control upside down. Essence Essence It's hard to entangle. Essence That spider will vomit the net to fix you. Don't be siege, to separate it, it is still a very difficult battle. Essence Essence Essence
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: This level is recommended to use the turtle of the fork weapon (the name forgot) its speed, which can effectively attack the enemy. After opening the switch all the way, jump to a surround area, destroy the enemy and then go to the top BOSS battle
      boss: It is the red monster of the previous level. This time, there is only one person, and the fork turtle can kill it without damage.
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: Mini game, driving a skateboard to eat coins (with 2 minutes of gold and silver), the road can be described as difficult. The operation only uses remote sensing and circle jump.
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      The experience: The enemy in this level is a bit stronger than before, but it will also violently riot after falling to the ground. They will be paralyzed by them. There is a kind of enemy HP more, and it will be defensive. It is troublesome to be surrounded.
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      Experience: The task of this level is to retreat, there are many enemies, the main way is to escape along the way, and use the bombs on the road. It's easy to pass.
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      Experience: This level can pass the level as long as you stick to it. Essence Essence There are more enemies. Essence Essence Once the siege is siege, it will be attacked with blowing.
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      The experience: The battlefield has turned to snow, the enemy is slow, and people with fast use can not waste blood at all. When crossing the bridge, you should pay attention to the collapse of the bridge. There are two places in this level that need to use the Z -character jump method to pass (learn tolerance dragon? Khan) should be eliminated when using the lifting ladder. You are the opposite. Essence Finally, there are miscellaneous war, the monster boss in the bulls Stage1 (this time it turns blue ...)
      boss: No
      ================== ===============================
      Experience: Mini Games, Stage1-3 The same is even more difficult, so I won't say it here.
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      The experience: Broken the left and right boxes when the first batch of cattle heads, and there is a attack and defense props on the left and right. ) To eliminate the green bugs behind, and slowly eliminate the remaining bull head, if necessary, use jump attacks well. The speed is the key (it is recommended to use the fork turtle). In the subsequent jump, it is safer to eliminate bats. Finally, you have to fight with the crowd of Niutou. Because the area is relatively small, the jump attack is better.
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      The experience: This level should escape one person to escape, only 4 minutes and 30 seconds, and the time is Game Over. Pay attention to bringing him to a step -level place to use the R1 box to still go up ~~~ It is recommended to jump and attack with the enemy in the air. Other enemies are relatively weak. (The protector will not move itself, you have to rely on your way ...)
      boss: No
      ================ =============================
      I experience: It is not fun to be played by the meat grinding machine behind. Regardless of whether you rush forward, it is faster to sprint with L1, but pay attention to a few places that need to jump, don't rush too much. Essence Essence
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      The experience: The bats on the road are easy to fight with a bleaching attack of the stick. After coming to the top, the BOSS battle
      boss: Four little mice, their movement speed is very fast, they will break up 4, and use sprints to avoid the flying labels that they strike 4 faces, come to the edge, wait for them to knock one, and then go up and go up fiercely. K, as long as you master the rhythm, you can kill it with ordinary attacks. It doesn't matter if you break it, it is easy to solve it. It is a better boss.
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: Care pay attention not to fall into the yellow solution to deduct HP. In the jumping place, something will be smashed down, and finally come to the highest place to destroy the enemy to open the door. The jump of dual-cut rollers in this level is better ~
      boss: No

      Experience: This level is a lift that reaches the opposite side within the closing time, on the road, on the road, on the road It is determined by the enemy's suitable situation. It is best to avoid fighting. It is difficult to see the terrain because of the color of the scene. Be careful and don't fall down. After the jumping platform, you must pay attention to the shot mixing. After the rise and fall, go to the BOSS battle
      boss: The boss of this level is an enemy who is similar to death with a ax, and is the most difficult enemy to deal with. His attack is very diverse and can run remotely. When you After attacking him, he will move and disappear instantly, and then appear behind you. The most shameful thing is that he will reply to HP after he attacks you! Intersection Defense is useless! So dealing with him can't fight hard. Here is a trick, that is, running for 4 weeks. When he rushes over to you, he attacks him with blowing. It is easy to eliminate it.
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: Do not care about the enemy in front of this level, and later come to another place to be the destination. Essence Essence
      boss: A large number of miscellaneous war, the enemy will have many lists, whether it is eliminated, persistence is victory!
      ======================================= ====
      Experience: mini-game, but the skateboard becomes an airplane. Essence Essence The operation is slightly changed. The circle becomes a triangular shooting. The bomb on the road will be broken. You will explode when you approach. The rest is still old.
      boss: No
      =============================== ==========
      The experience: This level is better in the jump out of the jump. It is better to attack the spacecraft when you come to the spacecraft to explode. It is relatively narrow, and there are many plants. Fortunately, there is an invincible in a box, killing all the way, only the fork turtle can be pushed in a push box. Finally, the enemy passes.
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      The experience: As the last battle of outer space, it is surprisingly simple, and there is no BOSS battle. To destroy the airship with a bomb, otherwise the enemy is constantly, and it will pass the enemy after the enemy will be destroyed. Essence
      boss: No
      =============================== ==========
      The experience: This level is very simple, just pay attention to jump, jump more when you are on the axis, always recommend it, use a double-chip stick, Jump is the most suitable. In the end, of course, it was miscellaneous war
      boss: No
      =========================== ================
      The experience: The process of this level is still short. The enemies here can use blowing attacks to save them to save time.
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      Experience: The HP of the enemy in this level increased a lot, and the number was too large. Terrible, don't be surrounded, it is difficult to get away, and hurry up to fight the box to eat invincible to deal with them!
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      The experience: The enemy of this level is further strengthened, but because it is a scene of the jumping platform, you can use blowing attacks. Finally, the BOSS battle
      BOSS: This BOSS is a rhino monster with an ax. It is quite rich, but the strength is not comparable to the previous death. It should be noted that its strikes. It is technical. Pay attention to the tail attack behind it, basically follow it to hit it to the corner to kill it. Essence Essence It's good to fight.
      ======================================= ====
      Experience: Direct boss battle
      boss: This boss is different from the past. Then, when it was furious, let you let it hit the wall to reduce the HP. Pay attention to attacking its tentacles first, let it turn his head to the direction of the wall closest to the wall. Too far, otherwise it will go back. Mastering the above laws, it is only a matter of time.
      ======================================= ====
      Experience: Small game, just like Stage4-7, nothing to say.
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      Experience: The picture turned back to the earth. Essence Essence Essence The enemy is a group of masked people holding sticks and swords (China?) Don't underestimate them. The speed is much faster than before. Priority
      boss: No
      =============================== ===========
      Experience: The scene of this level is the village, and the requirements are also very simple. The difficulty of Guan is jumping, because the archer of the other party is troublesome, it is really annoying. It is recommended to fly directly with the double -cut roller. Essence Essence Essence
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      Experience: Direct boss battle
      boss: The weapons used in boss are electricity and swords, which are very difficult to deal with. Investment skills, far from being discharged and discharged. When its HP will enlarge the electric ball when it is young, at this time, the surrounding small ball has a tracking effect. There is a very easy way to deal with this boss. Under the ground, standing on the ground, standing in front of it, seeing him coming over and passing away, it is easy to solve it so repeatedly. Be careful not to hit the edge, so he will use sprints! Intersection
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: eliminate all enemies within the limited time, nothing to say, the enemy is strong, pay attention to HP
      boss: No
      ======= ============================================
      stage6- 8
      The experience: Because the place of this level is isolated from the BOSS station, we must still use the 30 hair on the ground to him in 4 minutes. Time is enough!
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      The experience: The flag man in this level is a mechanical dog, which is very troublesome. The last area has a large number of dogs, and the siege is basically dead. Essence Essence Essence
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      Experience: Direct BOSS War
      BOSS: This boss and Stage5-4 are similar to It will be dived after HP less than half, and then strikes you, and then impact you. At this time, just follow it to sprint. Essence Essence
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: The first half is a enemy. When you hit half of it, you will escape and catch up to enter the second half. This time it was our turn to escape. Essence Essence Pay attention to the thunder balls and sprints he launched, and the road is relatively long. Be careful! Intersection
      boss: No
      =============================== =========
      Experience: Pay attention to avoid the car.
      boss: The boss of this level can escape. After not attacking him, move instantly. Here you must master his movement rules. Don't touch it, you will be paralyzed when you encounter it. Note that he should stay away from him when he releases the dragon. When the dragon flys up, he will immediately attack him, so he can defeat him.
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: this level is very troublesome, there are 3 types of enemies, blue ninjas, suit men, and robots are infinite. The number of people has 3HP below, corresponding to 3 enemies. One of the other enemies was gone, the enemy was infinite and could not be killed.
      boss: No
      =============================== ========
      Experience: Mini game. Essence Essence Essence Essence Don't talk about
      boss: No
      ============================= ============
      The experience: without the enemy, it will be quickly rushed forward
      boss: The fake master is easy to deal with, it is easy to deal with it, it is easy to deal with it, it is easy to deal with, Just attack him constantly, see it defense, it will be defensive immediately
      ====================== =====================
      The experience: This place is not difficult, it is easy Don't think that there is no way, you need to jump over from many stones. Don't entangle with the enemy. The siege is basically dead. Essence Essence Essence
      boss: No
      =============================== ========
      The experience: The enemy is strong and more, and the escape is the key. Pay attention to the jump on the broken bridge. Quickly break through the level (who calls it to jump)
      boss: No
      ======================== ======================= rn10-3 rn心得:直接BOSS战rnBOSS:就是STAGE4-5的BOSS, But smarter than before, although the fighting method is still the same, it is flexible. Generally, when he rushes to you, he goes up and attacks with blowing. The timing must be grasped! Or constantly escape the opportunity to attack it behind it. After half of its HP, it will instantly move to the ax attack behind you. This is a good opportunity to attack it. If he moves into it instantly, he will escape to the side! Intersection Repeated be patient and can win! Intersection
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: It is difficult to deal with the enemy of this level. It is better to use more defense. Quickly pass the bond.
      BOSS: The boss of this level is not difficult to deal with, but those who are defended by him will be quickly countered, so it is best to fight for him a few times, and return to a few more. It will be divided into a shadow, which is very recognizable. When he has less than 3 minutes, he will be divided into 2, and the shadow can be killed.
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: This level first destroys the enemy, and then open the switch of 4 corners to destroy the enemy. There are many things to make up for HP. Essence
      boss: The boss of the previous words is weaker than just now. Essence Essence Essence Attack him ruthlessly.
      ======================================= ====
      This: The difficulty of this level lies in 2 jumps. Be sure to jump gently near the pillars, and then jump to the opposite side with the jump of double-cut rollers. The enemies on the road do not need to ignore
      boss: Still that idiot, slap it. Essence Essence Essence
      ======================================= ====
      The experience: still pay attention to jump, and finally destroy the enemy's pass
      boss: Still that guy, this time, the defense still needs to be still needed

    2. The cheating code of the game, what entered in the password. The "D" is changed to "a"

      password notes:
      use the follow key when enteng the passwords. Not: The codes nhave no effect in mode. nL: leonardo
      d: doonatello
      r: raphael
      s: shredder
      set recovery:
      ENTERRRLRs a Password. Your Character Will Slowly regain hp. ( Slowly restore HP)
      ENTER DSRDMRM as a Password. Your Character Will Alway Full
      health. Your Will no Longer be hart by damage.
      Pizza Paradise:
      ENTER MRLMRMR as a Password. All health itms will be replaced by
      full hp pizzas. ntoddling:
      ENTER SSSMRDD as a Password. There will be strange sounds when your character walks. a password. All ENEMIES will have their defense
      doubled. L as a password. All ENEMIES will have the have their attacks
      doubled. Double supply)

      super defense power:
      ENTER LDRMRLM as a Password. Your defense will be doubled. as a password. (Infinite darts)

      lose shiriken:
      ENTER RLMRDSL as a Password. You will not be avle to use shiriken. ** The following is a special costume. NNEW Nexus Outfit For:
      ENTER MLMRDRM as a Password.
      NEW NEXUS OUTFIT for Raphael:
      ENTER RMSRMDR AS Password.
      ****** **

      Playmates unlocked in bonus materials:
      ENTER SRMLDDR as a Password. a password. ENEMIES has been hand kill ability. lling. (Directly to death ..... enough)

      ENTER DRSLLSR as a Password. Your Character Will Slowly Lose hp. n
      challenge mode enning:
      ENTER mrmdrmd as a password. Stamina RESTORE Will No Longer Be
      avaiLial. Complete level 11-7., Splinter is unlock
      ten days after a saved game file is created; you can change the
      system date to do this. Mouse)

      Play as casey jones:
      win the open brawl., Casey jones is unlock (the game mode is opened, you can use Jones)
      five days aaved game file is created; you Can change the
      system date to do this. Casey Jones Replaces Raphael. :rnWin the Battle Nexus . , Slashuur is unlockedrnforty five days after a saved game file is created; you can changernthe system date to do this. Slashuur replaces Leonardo.(通过Nexus的比赛模式You can use Slashuur, the latter wait for the archive 45 days ...)

      Play as karai:
      Defeat karai in the Foot Fight in less than 150 seconds.rn, Karai is unlocked thirty five days after a saved gamernfile is created; you can change the system date to do this. Karairnreplaces .(在Foot Fight During the game, kill Karai in 150 seconds, you can use karai, the latter 35 days later .....)

      teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade game:
      got to level 9-1 and get The Hidden Antique. Do this by going down
      one of the alleyways. There will be a pile of class and a broken ndown bus. Jump on the cra the number. nonto the building . There should be two crates here, rnPizza and the Antique. Then, complete the level and defeat all thernPurple Dragons, Foot, and Mobsters. Next, go to the " 2nd Timer nAround". If you look through the different objects in the "NY"rnsection, you will see the image of an arcade. Select the arcade tornsee on it. When you exit out of the , ther nmessage "Classic Arcade Mode UnLocked" Will Appear, and that option is now on the main menu at the title screen. Note: do not work if the screen remains black, or the arcade main screen takes a long time to load; this is normal. Open two boxes, eat the treasure chest, go through the customs, return home, watch the "2nd Time" mode, which contains a card with a card with an arcade. Then retreat to the main screen, appear arcade mode.)

      ****** After the arcade mode is not available, there is no test ***
      in the Arcade Game, Press Circle to get get more lives instead ofrnquarters. The joystick and certain buttons including the pausernfeature do not work. The character selection is just like thernarcade. Each controls a different turtle. You cannotrnwhich turtle To assign to a. One is leonardo,
      two is, three is doonatello, and
      Four is raPhael.

      glitch: Feet pass through:
      whenever you do a Wall-jump, look very carefully to see that your
      toes (or sometimes event their feet) are passing through nthe want.
      arc mode. I may not get it. Conditions, I have tried the method mentioned in it, and it was not successful

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