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Focus on: Digital Marketing in Asia, specially Japan

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Historically speaking, the Japanese business market never truly developed a lucid perspicacity of the importance of marketing. In fact, it is something that is commonly acknowledged within the business world. Because of the limited understanding of how marketing fits into the holistic dynamic of the business operation, Japanese companies often struggle establishing marketing as a core function within the Japanese business model Actually, this is a common phenomenon among Asian businesses in general, but it is especially prevalent within the Japanese market.

The Evolution of Marketing

In the past, it was easier for a company to find success despite a subpar marketing strategy; however, the evolution of the global economy and business market has created the demand for businesses to develop a pronounced and consistent online presence — even when it comes to brick and mortar businesses. In a world in which marketing plays such a vital role in the branding process, and the delivery of the brand message, it has become imperative for companies to develop online marketing strategies that optimize the use of the multitudinous platforms, such as social media, commercial blog sites and online media outlets.

Maintaining a Competitive Edge

Unless Asian companies embrace online marketing with a sense of urgency, they run the risk of becoming even less competitive in the global marketplace than they currently are. One area in which the decrease in market competitiveness and relevance can be witnessed in the Japanese market is in the hit that the electronics industry has taken at the hand of Apple and Korean brands.

Why Marketing is So Important

Without the ability to create customers, a business cannot survive, and there are only two primary ways that companies are able to create customers — innovation and marketing. The Asian market, especially Japan, has been so exceptional in the area of innovation that they have not been forced to deal with its deficiencies in the area of marketing; however, as the entire global market goes digital, and the technology gap is being closed, Japanese companies are being forced to partner with PPC management companies in California to help develop their digital marketing capacity.

Unfortunately, the urgency associated with developing digital marketing capacity does not afford Japanese companies with any type of learning curve — forcing them to seek the expertise of companies in the United States. The cultural history of Japan has been one in which a great deal of emphasis has been placed on creating a superior product, and due to the lack of emphasis placed on marketing, Japanese universities have not developed marketing courses that successfully teach marketing in a manner that translates into innovative digital marketing concepts.

As 2020 rapidly approaches, the need for Asian companies to close the gap between themselves and the rest of the global market, as far as marketing is concerned, is becoming increasingly urgent, making the alliances being formed with American marketing companies more prevalent.

Digital marketing not only creates an awareness of new products and services, but it is an integral part of projecting the brand image and message. Additionally, digital marketing is rapidly increasing in its overall role in business marketing strategies.